Artist Statement

I am inspired by geometry and fascinated by balance. As a former filmmaker, I have learned the power of motion and the delight of surprise. My early sculptures were small and static, but after an arc-welding course, my work expanded. The money I receive from honoraria and the sale of my work is invested back into my studio and equipment. I believe in and support public art that provides both attractions for visitors and opportunities for artists, and I pay it forward by teaching welded sculpture courses at Snow Farm, the New England Craft Program.

My work could be called “geometry in motion”. I contrast weathered and polished, light and dark, mass and space.  I often work in four dimensions, allowing time to reveal the kinetic aspects of a piece. Even my static pieces try to convey movement. My work may include recycled or up-cycled materials or found objects that add a particular twist. And while in my work, I employ both hand and power tools, all of my work is “robot free”, so one can see the “hand of the artist” in each piece. In the end, I feel there is some of “Vulcan’s* power” in my work.

*Vulcan – the Roman god of fire and metalworking (not to be confused with any Startrek characters or species). 


Work Statement

While my work can be called welded metal sculpture, there is usually more to it than just welding. My studio is not large, but I have assembled many tools to help with the fabrication process. Most work begins with a concept drawing and then a “mechanical drawing” which can be used to compute materials needed. Often a maquette or even a working, proof-of-concept model is needed to test balance and motion.

Since I usually work alone, I design and fabricate the sculpture in sections which I can maneuver myself, for easier transportation and assembly on site. I have also streamlined installation by replacing my generator and compressor formerly needed to power air tools on site, by switching to new battery powered ones: rotary hammer, impact wrench, hammer drill, angle grinder etc.